Magnetism Attraction Spell
The spell is engineered to attract people. The spell once ordered will create a mild magnetic field in your body which works as an attraction force to pull people. The spell will make you a socially desirable person amongst family, friends and colleagues. None shall be able to resist the feel and temptation of coming forward and having a word with you.

The spell has no singular use in particular but has various uses. The spell is cast and works to your advantage in several ways.

a) The spell is mostly used by the working class and business oriented people to attract and win hearts of colleagues, for best jobs, contracts and assignments etc. None shall ever be able to resist you, your thoughts and business ideas. The magnetism spell makes certain that you succeed and submit colleagues and competition in taking your word as the last word eventually leaving them in complete agreement with you and your ideas.
b) Family oriented people who want to grab attention of their family members and maintain healthy relationships with them. You will be loved and respected by family members and relatives forever. There shall never be any quarrels amongst you and your family ever.

c) People who want to attract a lover or find a new love will do so by the use of this spell. Spell once ordered makes certain you come in contact with your soul mate.
d) People who lack confidence; suffer from lower self esteem issues and find it very hard to strike a conversation with others. The spell ensures you never face such awkward moments in the present and future once this spell is ordered. You will become extremely fluent and confident or shall I say will be oozing confidence.

US Dollars 60
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