Bad Luck Removal Spell
It's a debatable topic due to the fact that some people believe in bad luck and some don't.
There are several examples or daily occurrences which indicate and proof that bad luck does indeed exist and should be dealt with almost immediately before it does irreversible permanent damage in several walks of our life.

Assuming that bad luck exist which indeed does as per my knowledge, I have made this spell to evict and eradicate bad luck completely from one's life forever. The spell makes certain that bad luck never crosses your path ever again, will convert bad luck into good luck and at the same time provides protection from bad luck and bad fortune forever.

Bad luck is a direct response to destiny not favoring oneself. It is said that each person is born with a preset destiny and all our daily occurrences are determined and dominated by our destinies that are written even way before our birth. I agree with this statement to a point but I will add another line to complete this statement "We do have the power to change our destinies thus making destiny to work in our favor"
Magic and Spells are the exact tools required to rewrite destiny as you want it to be.

Bad luck comes to everyone which is an accepted fact but to some it comes more often than it should and to some it comes rarely or occasionally. Either be the case, this spell once ordered will eradicate bad luck completely and will also provide protection from bad luck in the future forever.

You will never see the face of bad luck or bad fortune ever once this spell is ordered.

US Dollars 60
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