Candle Magic
Candle magic existed in the early 1800's but later on was used sparingly and eventually vanished. Now again is become very popular starting from the mid 1900's and from then on has gone strength to strength.

The Candles are prepared by me from the holy mount wax and mystically infused through prayers and rituals.

A common question I am asked frequently has been that how will the smoke from the candle bring changes in our lives? My answer is based on the general theory on which my candles work. Each candle serves and individual purpose and for which is produced accordingly. Mystic fragrances are of great significance in attracting Gods. There are several Gods which get attracted by the use of fragrances and in return shower the user of these candles. Let's not get into the details but since we are talking candles so let's stick to candles alone.

The candles at offer are below. Each set is consisting of 7 full length candles that should last for a month. The indications on usage will be sent to you along with order.

Love And Lust Candles

Light a single candle daily in the evenings for 5 full minutes and then see the magic. The fragrance that shall emit from the candle is mystic and will spread into your home and places in the mind, body and soul. The user of the love and lust candles will become high value and shall be in demand forever. People will love and respect you immensely once these candles are ordered. The opposite sex will fall for you and desire you for lustful fantasies. You know what to do next!

The set of love and lust candles is US $50


Money Candles

Light a candle daily for not more than five minutes. Money candles have affected many positively and dramatically in ways that very few can imagine. These candles produce ways that shall lead you to money and wealth in quick time. Ways could be your present job, business undertakings and projects etc. You will be an outright success leading you to dramatic gains of wealth and money in quick time. The mystic nature of these money candles is responsible for changing many lives.

Each set of money candles is US$50


Success And Prosperity Candles

You must light a candle daily in the early morning hours preferably at sunrise. Make this a daily exercise and see how your life changes. There will be a rapid transformation in your mindset that shall lead you to win over people you deal with each time and every time. This magical transformation shall lead you to taste success as never before. You will taste success and prosperity that one can only imagine and dream of.
The success and prosperity candles ensure the success that you will enjoy stays untouched and uninterrupted by jealous and evil forces.

Each set is for US$50


Good Luck And Good Fortune Candles

These candles are ones to savor. Mandatory for each and every individual who aims to make it big in life. The benefits of these candles are a plenty and not limited to a few. These candles will bring immense good luck, good fortune and wealth to you by mystically making opportunities for you that would be impossible without the help of these candles.

Each set is US$50


Candles For Good Health

These candles have numerous benefits that need no introduction. Good health candles have restored good health for many who were suffering from terrible chronic incurable conditions. These candles keep away all major and minor sicknesses. The fragrance that emits from these candles not only keeps away sicknesses but cures most illnesses that one can imagine and that cannot be treated scientifically through the use of medicines.

Each set is for US$50

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