Candle Magic For Love, Money, Success, Prosperity And Good Health

Candle magic is one of the oldest forms of magic. People around the world use candle magic effectively.

The magical candles are prepared by me and mystically infused through prayers and rituals.

Each candle serves an individual purpose for which it is created by me accordingly. Mystic fragrances hold great significance in attracting the Egyptian gods and goddesses. There are several gods who get attracted by the use of scented candles.

The candles I offer are below. Each set is consisting of 30 full-length candles that should last for a month.
Love and Lust Candles

Burn a candle every evening for 5 full minutes and then see the magic. The fragrance that will emit from the candle is truly mystic. People will love and respect you immensely. The user of my love and lust candles will attract the opposite sex without any effort. The opposite gender will fall for you and desire you.

A set of love and lust candles will cost US $ 70

Money Candles

Burn a candle daily for not more than five minutes. Money candles will change your life dramatically in ways that very few can imagine. Wealth and success will come your way after using the magical money candles. You will attract money into your life like never before. My money candles are responsible for changing many lives.

Each set of magical money candles is for US $ 70

Success and Prosperity Candles

Burn a candle daily preferably at sunrise. Make this an everyday practice and see how your life changes. You will taste success and prosperity that one cannot even imagine. You will become confident and people will want to work with you. My success and prosperity candles will ensure that the success you will enjoy lasts forever.

Each set is for US $ 70

Good Luck and Good Fortune Candles

I suggest the use of these candles. Order these magical candles if you aim to make it big in life. The benefits of these candles are many. My candles will attract immense good luck and good fortune to you. The success that you will attain after ordering these candles will be unimaginable.

Each set is costing US $ 70

Candles for Good Health

These candles have numerous benefits. Good health candles cure all chronic and incurable sicknesses. The fragrance that my healing candles emit effectively cures all illnesses that cannot be treated scientifically through the use of medicines. The candles keep away all dreadful diseases.

Each set will cost US $ 70
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