Magic Cleansing Bowl
The cleansing bowl is personally made by me and has got a number of holy prayers carved on it which have miraculous healing tendencies. The bowl is made out of pure brass which scientifically has been proven to have healing tendencies on its own.

The magical healing bowl is mystically equipped to treat and cure all type of chronic sicknesses and health related issues.

This is a must have and I recommend it to all my clients. This bowl is prepared scientifically by me. You must at least have one bowl full of water daily to feel the miracle of it. It will take care of blood pressure problems, stomach infections, acne problems and improves blood flow. All in all it will purify your system and keep you healthy forever.

The person who drinks water from it will live a very long and an active life. You will never suffer from depression, hypertension, phobias, and cold sweats forever.

Once you drink water from it, you will feel and experience a change in your attitude completely. You will become calm, cool, composed, humble, polite and never suffer from anger or rage. The cleansing bowl will purify your system and keep it protected for ever from illnesses, sicknesses and diseases.

People who use the bowl have noticed a charm on their face that is very much different and never been experienced or felt ever before in the past. The feeling is holistic, pure, and divine which must be experienced by everyone at least once in a lifetime for sure.

The cost of this Cleansing Bowl will be US $75
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