Protection From Enemy Spell - Curse Removal
This spell is widely ordered by the masses and is not at all surprising for me to get more than 50 queries each day regarding this spell or in relation with protection.
I did mention in one of my protection spells previously that in this century protection is of most value because people are driven mainly by feelings of jealousy, anger, hatred and revenge. People cannot stand the success or progress of one another and will go to any extent in making sure that none can progress or succeed beyond a set limit.

Having said the above, let's discuss few harmful acts that enemies often indulge in. I am mentioning a few but not limited to: Black Magic, Curses, Destruction Spells, Voodoo Magic and Hex.

The above practices are covered by the enemy protection spell and simultaneously you will be freed from all the above practices if indeed you under the influence of these practices. You need not worry once the spell is ordered because not only will you be freed from any evil that is cast upon you but also you will be protected forever.
The spell is unique in a way because it has a special tendency to keep your enemies far away from you and makes sure they don't cross your path in any-way that could create obstacles in your route of progress and happiness.

This spell will also increase your intuition sense to a level by which you will be able to sense and know the difference between your true friends/well-wishers and people who are indeed your enemies.

US Dollars 60
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