Curse Spell For Enemy Destruction - Extreme Revenge

Curse spells are extremely powerful and should be cast only if you want to completely destroy an enemy. Your enemy will be cursed for life and his generations to follow will bear the brunt of that curse.

People fear curses and dread the possibility of being cursed.

Some people even turn a blind eye to the topic of curse casting.

It's said that punishments were given to the wrongdoers in the form of curses during the ancient era when there was no effective law and order in place.

A cursed person will show signs of depression, anger, despair and helplessness from time to time.

No treatment will be able to cure the above conditions.

Struggles and hardships will become a good part of his/her life.

A cursed person will struggle forever.

The curse spell that I cast can never be broken which means that the person on whom this spell is cast will suffer forever.

US Dollars 80
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