Curse Spell
Curses are extremely powerful and are to be cast on your enemy. Your enemy will be cursed for life and his generations to follow will face the brunt of the curse once the curse spell is ordered.

Curses have a history of not only destroying the person but also his generation of the present and the future.

It's an ancient fact that people from evolution days have feared curses in one way or the other and it's no surprise that people even today dread the fact of being cursed or simply turn a blind eye when the topic of curse casting is discussed.

Let's go back in time when our ancestors were ruling the planet and there was no effective law and order in place. It's said that the punishments were given to the wrong doers in the form of curses.

The curse spell will weaken the cursed person and dampen his spirits ultimately leading him to lose interest in everything.

A cursed person will show signs of anger, despair, dismay and helplessness from time to time. The feeling of being sick always will sink in as there will be no hope or treatment that could or manage to cure this condition. The person who is cursed will be left in utter confusion as medically there will be nothing wrong with him and therefore there will be no cure to his condition medically.

The curse spell that I cast can never be broken which means that the person for whom this spell will be cast will suffer forever and the sufferings will be passed on to generations and generations to follow.

US Dollars 60
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