Spell Trouble - Destruction Spell
The spell is much different from the enemy destruction spell. It is a mild spell that you may want to cast on friends or family to bring bad luck or bad fortune in one or many ways to them.

The best use of this spell is to teach someone a very good lesson or a lesson of his life. A prime example and the best scenario in which you can order this spell is where you have people or an individual person badmouthing you or trying to act smartly with you in an unreasonable manner. Let's face the fact; such people are a pain and cause unnecessary harm or trouble. Don't take such people lightly who seldom indulge in the habit of backbiting and brainwashing others. Such people are best to be kept away and are extremely dangerous because they are two faced; they will say one thing to you at your face and will say something else behind your back. The mole purpose of such people is to make sure that you fail and don't succeed in life.

The spell once ordered will plague the person for whom this spell is cast with bad luck, bad fortune and troubles in several numbers of ways. Bad luck and misfortune will grip him and the spell will tighten its leash on this person so hard that he will never ever cross your path and come in the way of your success. He shall never badmouth or act smartly with you. He will unknowingly develop feelings of companionship with you and will want to become a friend and well wisher.

He will get a taste of his own medicine for good.

US Dollars 60
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