Destruction Spells For Revenge - Enemy Destruction Spell

The enemy destruction spell will bring bad luck and bad fortune to your enemy.

Order this spell if you want to teach someone a very good lesson or a lesson of his/her life.

My destruction spell will take your enemy to task. He or she shall suffer forever.

Order this spell for the following.

It's best to get the spell cast on people who bad-mouth or behave badly with you. Such people are a pain and can cause unnecessary harm or trouble. Don't take them lightly and it's best to keep them away. They are extremely dangerous. These people can go to any extent just to make sure that you don't succeed in life.

The spell once ordered will plague the person on whom this spell is cast with bad luck, bad fortune and failures. He or she will never ever cross paths with you. He/she shall never badmouth or act smartly with you. The enemy will never come in the way of your success once this enemy destruction spell is cast.

He/she will get a taste of his/her own medicine.

US Dollars 80
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