Divorce Spell
It's a very sensitive issue and needs to be dealt with immediately before the matter heads to court and then a divorce. To get to the point, this spell once ordered will pause and freeze all proceedings that would eventually head to a divorce. I mean it.

This spell will work in 2 phases.

a) The spell once ordered will develop feelings of love and respect in the hearts and minds of the couple very similar to the feelings that were shared once by them. The level of emotions will be heightened and the feeling of getting together will be so strong that all thoughts of a divorce will subside. The couple will give in to and submit to each other with overwhelming thoughts of love and respect. No matter who is at fault or what were the issues which lead to this debacle, this spell will stop the divorce and bring a couple together.

b) All of a sudden you decide against a divorce but your partner is adamant for a divorce and the proceedings have reached into the final stages in the court and a divorce is absolutely certain. Don't worry about it. The moment this spell is ordered, it ensures that all legal proceedings are stalled and the plea is rejected unanimously. Your partner will never be able to get success in filing a divorce ever one this spell is ordered. Once this stage is cleared, the spell will work on producing feelings of love and respect in the heart and mind of your partner for you eventually bringing you both together forever.

US Dollars 60
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