I am making it clear that all my free magic spells are for everyone.

You don't require years of experience to cast my magic spells.

All spells are safe, easy and extremely effective.

Amazing magic spells for money are right here.

Money Come To Me Now Spell - Easy And Effective Money Spells That Work For Free

If you seek money at this very moment then try the spell. It has a tendency to bring money to its caster mysteriously.

Cast the spell at night when it's raining heavily.

Sit comfortably in your home and chant the spell to a count of one thousand without making any mistakes.

The Spell "O DASGHAR My Lord Of Silver And Gold I Seek It Now So Grant Me Please"

Attract Money Spell - Egyptian Money Spells

Try this money spell if you want to attract money like magnet.

Cast this magical spell every day after sunset.

Look at the sky and cast this spell to a count of hundred.

The Spell "OH LO ZO SHO HO"

It's a mystic money spell that starts working immediately.

You are bound to attract money after casting this magical money spell.

Author's note - Cast this spell from home.

Black Magic Money Spell - Indian Magic Spells For Money

Here is an extreme black magic money spell.

Cast this spell at night.

Take a glass full of water.

Write the below spell with saffron on a paper.

Submerge the paper in that glass.

Point the glass towards the sky and chant the spell thrice while looking at the sky.

Pour the water on the nearby soil or mud.

The Spell "O King Of Darkness LAJBAKOPA I Seek From You For I Know You Will"

Author's note - Cast this spell once a month.

Lotto Winning Money Spell - Easy Lottery Winning Spells

Here is a lottery winning spell that's used all over the world.

Readers after casting this spell notice tremendous results.

Chant the lottery magic spell to a count of hundred just minutes before playing lotto, lottery or whatever game you want.

The Spell "O Angel SHEZAL The Angel Of Luck Change My Fortune Turn My Luck"

Play games that are real and genuine.

Author's note - You may cast this spell once a week.

Pour Money On Me Spell - Voodoo Money Spells

A mysterious spell that will provide you with abundance.

Every morning cast the spell to a count of hundred.


Author's note - Cast the voodoo money spell forever.

Bank Money Spell - Money In The Bank Spells

Here is a unique spell that will never let your bank balance run out on you.

Cast this magic spell with faith and you will always have your bank balance up and running.

Chant the spell every day to a count of one hundred.

The Spell "O Lord JEHOZ The Lord Of Wealth Help Me Out For I am In Despair"

Green Candle Money Spell - Green Candle Magic Money Spells

It's best to cast this magical spell in the morning.

Take a thick green candle and place it on a concrete floor.

Light the candle.

Stand at a good distance away from the candle and chant this green candle money spell to a count of hundred.

The Spell "O Lord CASZILA The Lord Of Abundance Bless Me Now For I Need Some Now"

Let the candle burn out completely.

You have no idea how much money you will attain after casting this spell.

Author's note - Cast this spell once a month.

Honey Magic Money Spell - Egyptian Money Spells

Take a silver coin and place it in a jar of honey.

Write the magical spell on a piece of paper and place it in that jar.

Close the jar tightly and never ever open it.


The spell will provide you with unlimited money.

Lemon Magic Spell For Money - Indian Black Magic Money Spells

Here is a classic black magic spell that works.

Take a lemon and cut it into two equal halves.

Put some sugar in between and secure both the sides of that lemon using glue or tape. It's important to reconstruct the lemon to its original shape.

Color the lemon black and keep it at home for three nights.

On the fourth night write this magical spell on the lemon and bury it out in the open.

The Spell "O Father Of Darkness ZOPTAKO Here My Plea And Time For You To Prove Your Might"

This indian black magic money spell is known to generate massive results.

Author's note - Cast this spell only at night.

Thunder Magic Money Spell - White Magic Money Spells

Cast the spell only during a thunderstorm.

Sit comfortably on a chair and say this white magic money spell to a count of hundred.

The Spell "O BASHANIE The Lord Of Thunders And The Rains Here My Plea And Bless Me Now"

It's the most powerful money spell I have ever made.

Author's note - Cast the spell from your home.

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