Ancient egyptian magic is also known as heka magic or heku magic to the world. Egyptian witchcraft is extremely popular and used around the globe to great effect. Let's talk about egyptian magic and spells.

The practice of ancient egyptian magic is one of the oldest magical traditions that came to light during the era of King Solomon. Egyptian magic mainly comprises of spells, chants, rituals and prayers that are directed towards the egyptian gods and goddesses. One can read about the egyptian gods and goddesses online but if you want to know more about them from me then send me a mail and I will get back to you. Here is my contact address

Egyptian magic is neither black nor white thus making it uniquely powerful and effective.

There are various ancient egyptian magical practices but the following are the most effective ones.

Egyptian spells are very powerful and work for everyone. The casting of these spells is in other words a direct plea made to the egyptian gods and goddesses. Egyptian magic spells work and I say this with complete authority. My egyptian love spells are in great demand.

Egyptian rituals and ceremonies are many that are performed by an individual or a group of people. Magical symbols are an integral part of almost all egyptian rituals and ceremonies. There are many ancient egyptian rituals and ceremonies one can find on this page. Feel free to use them.

Egyptian prayer power needs no introduction and is known to the world. These prayers are very powerful mainly because they are directed towards the egyptian deities who answer to all prayers with immediate effect. Not a single prayer goes unanswered when offered with faith.


One cannot talk about egyptian magic and magical arts without mentioning the name of King Solomon. He was a man of great knowledge and divine wisdom. King Solomon made the use of magic and spells popular during his regime.

Egyptian magic spells are one of a kind magic spells that work for everyone.

Let's talk about my ancient love spells that work. These spells are easy to cast and can be used by both beginners and advanced spellcasters.

Ancient love spells are unique and produce unbelievable results.

If you are facing a troubled love life or your relationship is at the brink of falling apart then this free egyptian love spell is just for you.

Egyptian free easy love spells that work fast are in great demand and hence I am giving away a free egyptian magic spell for love that works fast without ingredients.

Cast this free easy love spell to reconcile with partner, attract a lover, make a partner faithful, marry a soulmate and marry the one you love. This ancient egyptian love spell is an all in one free love spell that works for all love issues, matters and desires.

Here is the usage procedure.

Use this ancient egyptian love spell for one night and that would be it.

Take a bath and wear clean white clothes.

Sit on the floor with your legs folded.

Close your eyes and say this egyptian love spell chant to a count of one thousand while imagining your love desire, issue or matter at hand. Your imagination has to be the probable outcome you seek from casting this free love spell. Try and make your imagination as real as possible which is achieved simply by running a continuous and repetitive picture in your mind of the desired outcome.


Use a counter or stopwatch to keep track of your counts.

You will get the desired outcome within hours of casting this free love spell that works for real.

I have many free love spells that work overnight but this one is my best.


I get two common requests from people who are searching for free love spells.
Most females ask me for easy love spells with just words and men often ask for free love spells without ingredients.

It's obvious from the above that people seek easy love spells without materials and ingredients that work for real.

Complex love spells are for seasoned casters but if you are a beginner or an intermediate spellcaster then it's best to use simple and easy love spells. Some people feel that complex love spells fetch greater results than easy love spells which is absolutely not true. The results produced by the use of my simple love spells and complex love spells are as effective as each other.

I am presenting a free egyptian love spell that works immediately without ingredients and materials.

I will teach you how to cast this free powerful love spell that works immediately to attract the one you love.

Here's how you will use this egyptian black magic love spell.

Cast this magical spell for one evening only.

At sunset, take a picture of the one you love and place it on a table.

Sit on a chair with the picture in front of you on the table.

Say this egyptian black magic love spell to a count of hundred with full focus on the picture of your lover.


Use beads or a counter to keep count.

The one you love will come to you with open arms and become yours that very same evening.

Author's note - The results produced by this egyptian black magic love spell are immediate, permanent and irreversible, hence use this spell with utmost maturity. It's best to use this black magical love spell to get married or if you are looking for a very serious relationship.


I get a lot of requests for instant love spells that work in the very same moment.

Love is one of the strongest emotions we humans are hardwired with. If your love life is good then you will surely witness success and be a winner in life on the whole but on the other hand if your love life is troubled then you will be a complete failure in everything what you do. This is a fact of life and such is the power of love.

It's absolutely important to lead a happy married life and I am here to ensure just that.

Egyptian love spells are the best spells for love and relationships. The results produced by the use of these love spells are unbelievable.

Egyptian love spells using pictures produce immediate and permanent results.

I am giving away an ancient love spell that works immediately and is very easy to use.

Cast this love spell to get married to the one you love or to get your marriage/love life back on track as it should be. It's an all in one ancient egyptian love spell that works for free.

Here is the method of use.

Use this ancient egyptian love spell using pictures for one night and that would be it.

At night, take a shower and wear clean clothes.

Take one picture of yourself and a picture of the one you love.

Place both the pictures parallel to each other on a table.

Sit on a chair with both pictures in front of you on the table and say this egyptian love spell chant to a count of hundred with full focus on the pictures.


Keep the pictures safely in a drawer or closet.

Within few minutes you will get the desired results.

The one you seek will come to you with unconditional love and affection.

Author's note - It's important to preserve the pictures forever.


Egypt is a land of treasures and unexplained mysteries. It's the place from where magic first came into existence. King Solomon was a master of egyptian magic and instrumental in making it popular.

Ancient egyptian love spells are effective on their own and when used along with rituals become extremely powerful. The one who will cast ancient love spells in combination with egyptian rituals shall never fail in love life. I say this with complete authority.

Egyptian love spells and rituals are used to attract lover, get married to the one of choice, reconcile with lover, get back ex, reunite with partner, save a marriage and lead a happy love life.

I have many free love binding spells that work fast but this one is my best mainly because it involves rituals that are easy to perform.

Here is the usage procedure.

Take a long white handkerchief and spread it on a table.

Sit on a chair with the handkerchief in front of you on the table.

Spray some rose perfume on the handkerchief.

Write your name on one side of that handkerchief and the name of your lover on the other side of it.

Gently roll the handkerchief and simultaneously say the egyptian love spell thrice.


Tie the rolled handkerchief around a tree far away from your home.

Return home without looking back at the tree.

You don't have to worry about the handkerchief or what happens to it after the spell casting is completed.

Prepare yourself for immediate results after casting this ancient egyptian love spell and rituals.


Egyptian spells are the best love spells that work immediately and give permanent results.

I get many requests for easy love spells to do at home so let's get started.

Egyptian love spells are easy to cast and work for everyone.

I am giving away my best and the most extreme love spell that's easy to cast. Use this free love spell to attract the one you love, marry a desired person/partner and bring partner under your command.

This love spell is based on the theories and principles of egyptian magic and black magic. The combination of egyptian magic and black magic will give you guaranteed results immediately.

Here is the method of use.

Use this extreme love spell for one night only.

Take one hair strand of yours and one hair strand of your lover. It's easy to get hold of your lover's hair strand from the comb he or she uses.

Place both hair strands on the floor.

Sit down on the floor comfortably.

Tie both the strands together in a single knot.

Take a white paper and on it write this egyptian black magic spell thrice.


Place the hair strands carefully on the paper and start folding the paper. Make as many folds as possible.

Now, say the above black magic spell to a count of hundred with full focus on that folded paper.

Tape the paper well making sure the hair strands are secured.

Keep the paper in your drawer or closet forever.

The one you love will be yours and come under your command forever.

Expect immediate results.

This is an extreme black magic love spell that works fast.


I get many messages for free money spells that work immediately.

A life without money is very hard to live whereas a life full of money will make you feel and experience heaven on earth.

If you are searching for real money spells that work fast then this page is just for you.

I have many free money spells that work but the egyptian money spell I am about to give away is simply the best.

Egyptian money spells without ingredients deliver immediate and permanent results.

This easy money spell works for everyone irrespective of age and gender.

Here is the usage procedure.

Use this free money spell without ingredients for a single morning.

Early morning, take a shower and wear clean clothes.

Take a jar full of sugar and place it on a table.
The lid of the jar should be open.

Place some money in that jar. It's best to use coins.

Sit on a chair with the jar in front of you on the table.

I want you to say this money spell chant to a count of hundred with full focus on the jar.


Immediately cap the jar making sure it's sealed well.

Preserve this jar in your locker where you keep money and valuables.

The money you will obtain after the use of this spell shall be unimaginable.

You may use this money spell once a month but chances are that you will never feel the need to repeat it ever again. It's an extreme egyptian black magic money spell that works immediately.


Most people have a strong desire to make or acquire quick money with minimal efforts. I have nothing against such people because I know that money is of prime importance. It's a necessity to survive and lead a good life.

If you seek free money spells to become seriously rich with little or no effort then continue reading.

Powerful money spells that work in real life are the real deal money spells because they work fast and provide outstanding results.

I have many free money spells without ingredients that work immediately but on this page I am giving away the very best money spell without materials for instant results.

Here is the casting method.

Use this money spell without ingredients for one night only.

At night, stand in any corner of your home.

Say this money spell chant to a count of hundred with full focus on the moon.


You may use a counter or stopwatch to keep count.

Prepare yourself for unlimited wealth within minutes of casting this free money spell.

Money will come your way and the flow of money shall never stop in your entire lifetime.

Don't ask me how money will come and how you will be attracting mega money because the answer is within the realms of mystic whereby anything and everything is possible.

You will lead a life full of surprises after casting this free money spell without materials.

Author's note - It's a free money spell for extreme wealth.


My egyptian wealth spells are supremely effective because most of them involve the use of green candles. The benefits of using green candles in casting money spells are known to the world.

The results achieved by combining green candle magic and egyptian magic together cannot be expressed or put into words.

I wish to talk more about green candle magic.

Candle magic came into existence way back in time and is mainly used to gain extreme money and amass mega wealth. If you are interested in my green candle magic money spells then keep reading.

I am presenting an ancient egyptian money spell with the use of green candles.
I have named this egyptian spell as an abundance candle spell for unimaginable money.

Here is the usage procedure.

Use this green candle magic money spell on a Thursday and repeat it once every month without fail.

Take a small green candle and on it vertically engrave this green candle money prayer.


Fit this candle on a candle stand and sit at a good distance away from it on the floor.

Burn the candle and say the green candle money prayer to a count of fifty while observing the candle.

It's important to observe the candle till it melts down completely.

The one who will use this egyptian candle spell to attract money shall become rich in no time.


Ancient magic spells work instantly and I say this with complete authority. Egyptian spells are often termed as ancient magical spells. The practice of magic first began in Egypt and was later taken up by Africa and Asia.

Ancient magic spells that work instantly are many but there are a few hidden secret egyptian magic spells for money that are yet not known to the world till today. Let me talk about one such money spell using cinnamon. This is the most powerful secret magic money spell that works immediately.

Money spells using cinnamon never fail and give guaranteed results.

I am giving away a free money spell using cinnamon that works for real.

Here is the usage procedure.

Cast this free money spell every day.

Take a small red or any dark colored handkerchief.

I want you to place 5-6 cinnamon sticks on the handkerchief.

Roll the handkerchief and tie a knot. It should be a tight knot.

Now, I want you to hang this handkerchief at a good height in your home or workplace. It's best to hang the handkerchief on top of a door or window.

The above procedure is not to be repeated daily. You will only hang the handkerchief on the first day of starting with the usage of this magical spell.

The below procedure has to be followed daily without fail.

Each morning, say this free egyptian money spell chant to a count of hundred with full focus on that handkerchief. It's best to stand while saying the money chant.


Money spells using cinnamon are for extreme wealth. The user of this free money spell will witness an unending flow of money.

Author's note - Make sure the handkerchief remains in its original position forever.


Let me not discuss or reason out why you want to use an egyptian curse or hex someone because that's a personal decision altogether.

Egyptian curses and hexes are extremely powerful in inflicting maximum pain on the targeted person.

Hexes and curses do maximum damage.

A person affected by egyptian hexes and curses will have no respite whatsoever. The writing will be on the wall for that person.

Be sure before using an egyptian curse on your enemy because it can never be reversed and the sufferings faced by the targeted person will keep growing with each passing day.

I am asked by many people that how do you put a curse on someone? Keep reading.

If you are searching for evil spells, revenge curses or real curses that work instantly on your enemy then you have come to the right place.

I am giving away one of my best extreme egyptian curse spells that work in bringing maximum destruction to an enemy.

Here is the usage method.

Use this spell to curse an enemy for three nights.

First night take a picture of your enemy and keep it on the table.

Place three red chillies on that picture. You can keep the chillies in any order.

Say this curse spell to a count of hundred with full focus on the picture of your enemy.


Now, I want you to preserve the chillies in a jar.

Second night repeat the above using another set of three red chillies. Make sure to preserve the chillies in that same jar.

Repeat the same on the following night.

On the third night after completing the spell casting you will be left with nine chillies in total.

Fourth night take the jar out in the open and bury it in the nearby land.

The sufferings of your enemy will begin from the moment you bury the chillies.

Author's note - Egyptian curses and spells for revenge against enemies are super strong. Cast this egyptian curse spell only if you have decided to make your enemy suffer and face wrath forever.


I want to make it absolutely clear that my beauty spells really work when cast correctly.

I get many requests for the most powerful beauty spells on earth and free attractive spells to look stunning from head to toe. I am also asked for Cleopatra beauty spells and secrets that made her the most beautiful female on earth.

Some ask me to provide them with spells for beauty and youth while others ask for weight loss spells and the list goes on.

Each person has an individualistic requirement, desire or goal with regards to beauty.

I have many all in one beauty spells without ingredients that are easy to use and give astonishing results.

Here is the most powerful beauty spell that really works.

The one who shall use this free beauty spell will witness outstanding results.

Here is the usage procedure.

Cast this free beauty spell for six mornings and that would be it.

At sunrise, take a bath and wear clean clothes.

Take an average sized brass bowl and fill it with water.

Submerge a small mirror in the bowl.

Add few drops of rose incense to the water in that bowl. A couple of drops are just fine.

Place the bowl on a table in front of you and sit on a chair.

Position yourself in such a way that you can see the reflection of your face in the mirror clearly.

I want you to say this beauty spell chant to a count of hundred with full focus on your reflection.


It's important to keep your beauty wish/desire in mind at the time of chanting the spell.

Now, sprinkle some water from the bowl on your face.

Follow the above spell casting procedure for six mornings and the beauty desire, wish or goal that you have in mind will come to pass both safely and naturally.

You may use this free spell for beauty and attraction once in every six months.

The one who will use my beauty spells with faith shall never ever want to appear like some other person because the results produced by casting my spells for beauty are miraculous.

This is one of my best egyptian magic beauty spells to make you beautiful using mirror magic.

Author's note - Use the same brass bowl and mirror for six days. Remember to empty the bowl each day on completion.

I also get queries for spells to look like someone else. If you have any such requests then send me a mail


I am asked regularly for protection spells from enemies and protection spells against negative people.

On this page I will discuss about the negative forces that can destroy a person's life if not dealt with in time and accordingly.

Negativity could come in many ways namely evil, jealousy, curse, hex, jinx, witchcraft and black magic. These are the tools that can be used against a person by an enemy or enemies.

A person affected by one or all of the above will suffer greatly.

If you sense or feel to have been affected by one of the above then continue reading.

I have many easy to use strong protection spells that work for everyone.
My free protection spells offer protection against negative people, enemies, jealousy, black magic and work in removing evil, witchcraft, jealousy, hexes, curses, black magic and demons.

I am giving away a free all in one spell for protection that works immediately.

Here is the usage procedure.

Use this free protection spell every night at bedtime.

Say this protection chant to a count of hundred with your eyes closed.


This protection spell starts working immediately in cleansing a person from evil, curses, hexes and all negatives at large.

Cast this protection spell every day and be free from negative people, enemies, black magic, witchcraft, voodoo and demons forever. None will be able to create troubles and obstructions in your life. You will be protected for life.

One can order for my personalized spell casting services. Send me a request here


Here is what people have to say after making use of my egyptian magic spells, rituals and ceremonies.
Amy L
Hello, I want to thank you for all your work. I tried your egyptian beauty spell using mirror last month and it has transformed me completely. I look much younger than before and get compliments regularly. Your egyptian beauty spell has changed my life for good and improved my self-esteem like never before. A big hug.

Oluwale F
I cast the egyptian curse spell yesterday out of frustration because an enemy was bothering me and my family.
This morning a relative came home and informed us that he has suddenly left the town and local authorities are looking for him. This news has come to me and my family as a major relief. Thank you.

Your egyptian wealth spells are really effective. I tried one of them few months back when my business took a massive hit and surprisingly within day's normalcy was restored. I also noticed a spike in sales after casting the spell.

Donna P
I cast your money spell that works fast last evening and the results were there for the taking when I reached office today. I was informed by a colleague that I just got promoted which means more salary and less working hours. Spell casting has been a great experience. Thanks.

Joanna F
I am a housewife married to a loving man who takes very good care of me and our two beautiful little daughters. He is the only person who works for the family. My story is a long one but I will keep it short. My husband got fired from his job last year which came to us as a shock. Months went by and we were uncertain of the future. Life had become tough and I was searching for help desperately. A friend told me about you and my husband decided to give your egyptian money spell a try. Within an hour he received a call from his company head to join office immediately and got promoted to manager.

Andrew J
I am really happy with your work. My girlfriend had dumped me for another guy who was not worth it by any stretch of imagination. I was heartbroken and didn't know what to do to get her back. I cast your ancient egyptian love spell with a lot of energy and what happened next took me by surprise. She was standing right in front of me with tears in her eyes and promised me that she will never make the same mistake again. She later confessed that the reason behind our breakup was her friends who influenced her but that's our past and I have forgiven her.

Sofia A
Hello from Italy. I had a huge crush on a boy at college who never had much interest in me so I used your egyptian instant love spell on him and now he loves me like crazy. Grazie mille.

George B
I wish to thank you for saving my marriage. My wife wanted to divorce me due to misunderstandings caused by people who were jealous of our relationship. I was seriously fed up and wanted to sort things out for good. I cast your egyptian binding spell with a lot of hope and the outcome was nothing short of a blessing. We don't fight anymore and there is mutual love and respect for each other. Soon we will be planning for a baby if all goes according to plan.

Afolabi B
The egyptian attraction spell is very good. I cast it today and can feel the difference already. Girls who neglected me till yesterday are approaching me for a chat. It seems to me that I am slowly becoming irresistible. Wow.

Franklin A
It's a pleasure writing you today. My marriage had hit rock bottom because there was no excitement left. I was busy with work and my wife had no time for me. I tried the egyptian love ritual to turn things around quickly and that's just what happened. We both give adequate time to each other and intimacy has come back in our marriage.
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