Full Moon Dark Night Money Spell
Moon has mystic powers and tendencies which work wonders when used in togetherness with magic. Spells when cast on the full moon date hold special significance and never fail to deliver due to the special lunar proceedings that occur only on the full moon date. Magic is practiced all round the world especially on this date due to the significance of full moon. Magic is at its high especially in Asia and its adjoining regions on the full moon date.

Coming back to this money spell, I cast this spell only on a full moon calendar date.
This money spell is cast at midnight on a full moon date and special rituals are done keeping the full moon in mind.

The spell will do as follows.

a) The person for whom this spell is cast will never ever fall short of money. His pockets will always be full of money. Years have gone by but none has an answer to how this happens but it does happen mysteriously. My experience says that this spell attracts a certain angel towards the person for whom this spell is cast and the angel itself is the actual reason which ensures that the pockets are full of money. To clear the confusion, we shall call this angel the moon angel.

b) The person for whom this spell is done will never sleep empty stomach or half stomach.

c) The person will experience tremendous good luck and prosperity in life.

d) The person will always be blessed through the powers possessed by the moon or let's say the moon angel.

US Dollars 60
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