Genie Invocation
Remember the genie invocation has changed the lives of many individuals who today are living a life of an acclaimed personality with international fame and recognition. Need i say more !!!

The Genie Invocation is an ever so popular invocation. Mostly made famous through movies and animations etc.
This is one Invocation that I fall short of words to explain its significance. The most Supreme force ever to exist in the whole space.

Firstly let me tell you that Genie is a collection of living beings similar to human beings. The difference is that we are made of flesh, bones and skin and the genies are made of fire. They live for over thousand years and are gifted with supernatural powers by the almighty.

The Formula that I have produced has been manipulated by me so that you always conquer a powerful and a strong genie who will change your Life and impact you in the strongest possible way. He will be a slave and fulfill your wishes. Wishes are not limited to 3 but you can wish endlessly forever. There is no limit.

Now the benefits of having a genie. Let me think, from where do I start. The genie can do any and all things for you. He can take you to places, bring hidden treasures to you, take you to unimaginable and unexplored places in the space, bring wealth to you, protect you from mishaps and enemies etc. Believe me the list is endless.

You will be a very powerful force once you conquer the genie.

The cost of this Genie will be US $150

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