Magic Astro Science And Readings
Astrology is a different form of science. Astrology deals with gemstones, birth charts, horoscopes etc. Astrology and mysticism are two different fields altogether. If you would like me to transform your life with the help of astrology, it will be done. The results produced by the use of astrology are similar to the results produced by mysticism. It's an individual choice to use either one of the two. You can use both as well. There are no limitations. It's a complete myth that is wrongly spread over years which says if you use spirituality then you can never use astrology and vice versa. This statement is false and holds no value. Both fields can be explored and used at the same time.

The astro science that I use is: I will need your full name, date of birth and your parent's full name. Accordingly I will look into your readings and come up with the stone that will be required as per your request and which best suits you.

Also people do like to know their horoscope and are fascinated with the idea of knowing what lies ahead in the future with the help of astro science. Again for this purpose I will need your full name, date of birth and your parent's full name.

Each horoscope astral reading comes along with a suitable gem. Gem is of great importance to direct your future in the right path on the basis of your horoscope reading. Each reading will be accurate, perfect and up to the mark with pin point accuracy.

Price will be quoted depending on the stone that I will sending out to you.
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