Magic Fengshui
It is an art form of magic evolving right from China.

The most popular fengshui products include horse shoe, wind chimes, good luck buddha.

Horse Shoe

The horse shoe is handcrafted from pure iron and is infused by me through powers and prayers.
Horse shoe is a very famous item and is a top fengshui article. It will bring astounding good luck to you and will change your life. There will be a flow of wealth, success and happiness in your life once you order it.

The cost of will be US $50


Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are always believed to bring good luck and happiness into your house when the moving air passes and touches the wind chime. I have manipulated and modified the wind chime through prayers and powers to give you the best out put. This will bring luck, good luck, peace and prosperity to you, your family members and to your house on the whole. Will take away and remove all negativity and negative vibes form your home forever. Will protect you, your family and the home forever.

The indications on usage etc will be sent to you along with your order.

The cost will be US $50


Good Luck Buddha

Good Luck Buddha is infused by me through powers and prayers and is specially designed to bring good luck, money, wealth, success and prosperity to you. The smiling buddha will make certain that you are always smiling and happy.

The cost US $50

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