Spiritual Magic Incense / Perfumes / Aromas

My magical incense perfumes are made from herbs and twigs. These perfumes are infused spiritually by me for maximum results. These magical perfumes are 100% alcohol free.

The magical perfumes that I offer are of the purest quality.

Love Incense Perfume

Few drops of this love incense on your clothes will create an aura of love and attraction around you. The incense is mainly used to attract the opposite sex.

Price of each bottle is US $ 65

Money and Good Fortune Perfume

Apply few drops of it on your clothes and wallet/purse every day. You will attract money and success like never before. The money flow that will begin after the use of this money perfume shall never slow down. Results will be unimaginable.

Each bottle is costing US $ 65

Success and Prosperity Perfume

The success incense perfume will attract success and prosperity into your life.
You will succeed in all endeavors of life without any failures and struggles. You will succeed in both personal and professional life. My success and prosperity perfume is a boon to people who aim to make it big in life.

Price US $ 65

Good Health and Long Life Aroma Oil

Few drops of this aroma on clothes are sufficient to combat and cleanse your body of all diseases, sicknesses, viruses and germs. The good health aroma will protect you forever. The perfume is a boon for people who suffer from deadly sicknesses. Use this perfume daily.

Price US $ 65

Incense Perfume for Protection against Evil, Black Magic and Witchcraft

The protection perfume at offer will protect you from evil, magic, witchcraft, curses, bad luck, accidents and sicknesses. It will ensure that you are safe and protected throughout your lifetime.

Price US $ 65
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