Magic Palmistry
Palmistry has a rich history of practice. It was effectively practiced few hundreds of years back and is still practiced. I cannot be any specific than this because there is not enough evidence and data on the evolution of palmistry.

There are people who want to know their future through their hands. This will be done but for this I will need the picture of your right palm. The predictions will be made accordingly. I will need your full name, date of birth and your parent's full name.

The lines on the hands are not there just for the sake of it or to assist our palm movements merely. There is more to these lines than what meets the eye. Each hand is unique and the lines are different and individualistic on each and every hand. For a layman they are simple lines but for a palmist the lines mean a lot more. The lines are effectively a road map laid down in front of you.

Reading hands correctly is a different topic altogether and a point of debate, be rest assured once you order a palm prediction from me that you shall get perfect to the point no nonsense up to the mark accurate predictions. Years I have spent in this field have taught me things that are known to very few if not any.

People are always fascinated and intrigued to know few lines which are life line, money line, health and love line. There is a lot more to palmistry than these specific predictions which will be tacked in details once a prediction is ordered.

Each Prediction report will cost you US $75
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