Magic Spell Kits
This package is an opportunity for you to grab on a group of powers. This offer is for a limited period only and shall soon be discontinued since people are ordering the kit at a rapid pace, much more than expected. Preparing mystic items is a very expensive task, I cannot afford giving away mystic items free for long or shall I say one free item with every purchase. The introduction of this kit was a trial and an experiment which has worked very well but all good things have to end someday and the decision to discontinue with the kit stays final. The kit will enable you to purchase an item for US$75 and you get a free item of your choice.

Don't go by the name of the spell kit literally; it's not only limited to spells and their purchases alone but all mystic items at offer. Simply put, the kit is for all items.

Surf the website | Choose what you want to order + Choose your free item = Place order. As simple as it gets. No confusion just a very good offer.

I will send you the spell kit once you place an order. You have to tell me your request and accordingly I will send you a free item along sided with your order. The best thing is you pay for one item and you get one item free. This is a limited offer.

What are you waiting for? Send an email for more details on the offer.

The cost of a single Spell Kit will be US $75
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