Magic Tablets
Magic Tablets are prepared on the basis of Ayurveda and then special prayers are done on the tablets to take effect.

There are various different kinds of tablets. The best thing would be that you email me the problem that you have and I will email you back with the required medicine and cure. You may email me at

A point worth mentioning here is that all my work is 100% safe and there are no side effects unlike scientific medicines that come along with side effects. Modern medicines provide temporary relief and cause more damage than cure.
Medicines I offer are fast active with zero side effects, provide long lasting results and cures issues completely from the root/base.
I am mentioning few tablets that are very popular and always requested by my clients.

Brain Enhancement Ayurved Medicine

These tablets will affect the nervous system and will activate the neurons required to increase the running capacity of your brain. These tablets are very much in demand by students and businessmen. The medicine helps people who suffer from mental disorders and elderly people who suffer from forgetfulness and have a hard time remembering things.

The indications on usage etc will be sent to you along with your order.

Each bottle contains 20 tabs.

The cost of each bottle is US $50


Magic Sexual Enhancement Tablets

Always requested by my clients. These tablets increas the libido and sexual drive. You will be at the peak of your vigor, vitality and hormonal levels after using these tablets. Medicine is actively used to cure impotence and infertility.

The indications on usage will be sent to you along with your order.

The cost of one bottle is US $50

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