Magic Money Ring
This Ring is handcrafted by me and designed specially to manifest money. The ring is unique and to be worn on the right hand. This is a stellar ring. This ring attracts your money stars and directs them into providing you with money and wealth. It's a simple concept but fetches enormous results. The wearer of this Ring will see his or hers money graph hit the roof. You will be manifesting money even in your sleep. You will experience a supply of money throughout your life. The flow will not be slow but rapid. Suddenly all the gates towards money will open. You will see more and more business opportunities, promotions and some unimaginable life changing experiences related to money heading your way.

The rings works forever and never loses its powers and neither has it to be infused nor re-infused. This ring will never disappoint you but will amaze you each day by its wonders and miracles. The money ring will produce a positive flow in life that you will experience on wearing the ring. The feeling cannot be expressed in writing or few words but to put it in a statement just to give you an idea "Everything you shall touch will turn gold". You will develop a midas touch.

Success, money and wealth will become a part and parcel of life. Disappointments, failures and debacles will never repeat themselves ever till as long as you live.

You will live a life of happiness, joy and luxuries.

The cost of this Ring will be US $75
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