Money Spells

Spell for Money

It's an extremely powerful money spell that works for everyone. Money will come your way with ease after I cast this spell for you. If you want to become rich fast then this money spell is just for you. The one who orders this money spell shall become rich and famous. I will require your birth name and birth date to cast the spell for you.

The cost of this powerful money spell will be US $ 80

Extreme Richness Spell

It's truly an extreme spell. The richness spell will take you to the next level of success in no time. You will have money beyond belief. Money will no longer excite you after I cast the extreme wealth spell because of the massive wealth you shall build within days of ordering it. Regularly donate some food to the poor and needy after I cast the spell for you. Prepare yourself to become rich.

The cost US $ 80

Voodoo Money Power Spell

The african money voodoo spell is a strong spell that will provide you with unlimited money through unknown sources and channels. You shall manifest money at will. The money gained should be used wisely.

The cost will be US $ 80

Dollar Money Spell

It's a spell that will always attract money to you. There will be no shortage of money. You shall enjoy the luxuries of life after I cast the spell for you. The dollar money spell will ensure that you live your life to the fullest.

The cost US $ 80

Emergency Money Spell

The spell will make sure that you always have money during an emergency. You will never fall short of money. I recommend this spell to all my clients. The spell works for everyone during tough times.

The cost of this emergency money spell will be US $ 80

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Ricky Santana - Mexico
I ordered the african voodoo lottery spell last week and managed to win the lottery that was played last night. I don't know how? but it has actually happened for me. It is like a dream come true. Thank you.

Owen Casa - Malta
Just want to thank you for the dollar money spell. I got the contract for which I was interviewed last week. This project means a lot to me. Your work is real, genuine and reasonably priced. I will refer your work to friends and family.
Mamadou Francisse - Abidjan
I have won the bingo game that is played in my area. I was not sure if the spell would work initially but now I am confident and have faith in your spells. Regards.
Patricia Jabian - USA
I was in serious need of a good job because being a single mom it was tough for me to make ends meet. I thank you for the richness spell because it has taken me out of trouble. I have a high paying job and can concentrate more on my son. Let me know if you need anything from me as a gift.
Martin Jackson - Michigan
Hello Sir, Its Jackson your loyal client. Have been very busy lately and couldn't get in touch with you. The richness spell has worked for me and I am about to expand my business to another country. Please pray for my success.
Wilfred Grehoua - Germany
The emergency spell helped me to make it through financial crisis a year ago. I had become bankrupt but never came a stage where I had to beg people for money. I kept getting enough money from sources that I hardly knew or trusted till the time came when things started improving for me. It's strange how magical items can have such a strong influence on people. May I request some more products for business? Thanks.
Taylor Junior - USA
I was in a family property dispute sometime back. I selected the richness spell because it interested me more than the justice court case winning spell. Today, I have got a lot more than all my brothers and I can't thank you enough.
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