Power Love Spells

Another rare breed of spells are power love spells. Few know about these spells. They are not merely attraction spells but more social. Calling these spells as social spells or power love spells is your choice. I like the name power love spells so I'll stick to it.

Now you will want to know more about how these spells work and why are they rare.

These spells work on your image building.

1) Confidence
Confidence is everything and without it you are history. These spells work on your confidence to bring the very best out of you. This is the most major factor that can make or break your love life. Forget about attracting and mingling socially with the opposite sex without confidence. Without confidence either you will become a laughing stock or will be neglected big time. Confidence is even more so required if you are a male and looking to attract females. Females seek confidence in males which drives them nuts. Confidence has more value than looks.

2) Personality
Personality is equal and at par with confidence. Personality is a direct outcome of good health and a fit lifestyle. Great things to have but the number one enemy "lethargy" is known to stop people from working hard on their bodies and personalities. These spells will make you care and look after yourself like a baby.

3) Social habits
I am not a promoter of personality development classes and courses because they change who you are. Changing oneself is like changing identity. Each person knows the do's and don'ts in a society and how to behave but never does so. We tend to take things for granted and easily which my friends are the main causes of turning down the opposite sex greatly. Bad habits don't go easily. Social spells will make you bring these good qualities out every time on the table and make you a socially desirable personality.

Three qualities I have stated are sufficient to attract the opposite sex and make them love you like crazy.
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