Revenge Charm

This charm is known for revenge and destruction. It invokes the Egyptian masters which will destroy your enemies mystically in both professional and personal life. You will have to give me the name of your enemy for the preparation of the charm. Remember to keep this charm next to the picture of your enemy.

The charm is a be all and end all for revenge. The mother of all revenge charms is here for the taking. The charm will be the reason for you to rejoice while you see the enemy crumble before you. This revenge charm will make your enemy experience hell on earth and then some.

Before talking about the charm, I want to set the record straight. Revenge charms are not bad and neither an evil practice. People are ignorant and have no idea when discussing this charm. Ask a simple question or take a general opinion about revenge from a layman, It's so easy for a layman to label revenge and thoughts of revenge as forbidden that should never be entertained…Ask the same question to the person who has felt the wrath of enemy? The answer will be very much different to the answer of the layman. The suffering person will demand revenge to make the enemy go through the same sufferings. What's the harm in making the enemy get a taste of his own medicine? The charm after all is ordered by people who have gone through sufferings caused by the enemies, which is a genuine reasonable enough reason for them to order this revenge charm. I don't see anything wrong in it and neither should you.

The cost of this Charm will be US $50
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