Same Gender (Lesbian And Gay Spell)
The spell is for homosexuals. People who are born with general attraction towards the same gender rather than the opposite gender are termed as gays or lesbians respectively. We being creations of God must never doubt his creations and creativities but let's not start a debate on it. The spell is about getting people of the same gender together and let's stick to it rather than other things that are of no cause and concern whatsoever for homosexuals.

Spell once ordered will make the person whom you love want to marry you and be with you forever. It makes certain that the person for whom this spell is ordered falls for you and binds with your forever.

Let's face the fact, in today's times the society at large opposes to homosexuality and all activities related to gays and lesbians. The spell will break all barriers and clear all kinds of obstructions from your path that will be imposed by the society and the family.

A point worth mentioning here is that the spell once ordered will bring a general feeling of acceptance in the minds of the people who mean everything to you e.g. family, friends, relatives etc towards you being gay/lesbian or having homosexual relationships or affairs.
The entire scenario changes once your family, friends and relatives accept you as you are and start being and feeling happy for you, which is what the spell does when ordered.

This spell works both ways:

a) Works for you to bring about a general feeling of acceptance in the hearts of your family members, friends, and relatives.

b) Works on the target person for whom the spell is ordered.

US Dollars 60
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