Say Yes Money Spell
This spell is different in many ways but still does the same and serves the very same purpose as my other money spells do. It brings money by drawing people to you and forcing them to say yes to you, will leave people in complete agreement with you, your ideas, thoughts, beliefs and concepts which could be related to business, work and projects.

Ever wondered why people never agree to most of your thoughts, beliefs, ideas or projects? Or turn away at the very last moment due to reasons that don't seem to be practical or reasonable? Reasons could be a plenty but let's not dwell on the reasons and spend time.

This spell will never make you see the face of rejections or failures ever once this spell is ordered. This spell is a great boon to people who seek bank loans or credits but are unable to get them due to the paperwork and formalities required in getting successful loans etc.

The spell once ordered will do the following.

a) Make you a success leaving behind your foes and competitors wondering.

b) None shall ever say no to you and will always be in complete agreement with you (Few good examples to add here would be bank loans or free lancing projects etc).

c) Everlasting success will be at your feet and there will be absolutely no obstructions or outside interferences coming in your way or the path of your success.

d) You shall never ever face rejections in your life.

This spell once ordered will make certain that you are extremely rich, wealthy and successful.

US Dollars 60
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