Revenge From Enemy Spell
The spell is ordered only if you want complete destruction of your enemy in all aspects of life in order to take revenge. This spell is ideal to cause harm, hurt or to take revenge from your enemy. Gone are those days when your enemy could do anything to you or hurt you in several ways and get away without paying a price.

There are times in life when your enemy must have hurt you in one way or the other in the past due to jealousy, hatred or just because you must be a better competition to your enemy posing a threat to him and his standings etc. It's no surprise for people to indulge in any and all sorts of evil practices to make sure that you are hurt or simply decline from your professional standings or status.

This spell is your opportunity to give your enemy a taste of his own medicine and make him feel the wrath of his wrong and evil doings.

This spell once ordered will bring destruction to enemy from every possible angle. Your enemy will be shocked to feel and experience the destruction he shall face. The destruction will be so dramatic that your enemy will be well on the path of destruction even way before your enemy realizes it.

No matter how hard your enemy tries to resurrect and reverse his destruction but all the efforts put forth will be to no avail. Your enemy will face a sinking feeling which shall lead him to crumble forever.

This spell will provide you with the revenge that you always wanted to take from your enemy.

US Dollars 60
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