Holy ancient scriptures are named as talismans.

Known to mankind as mysterious alphanumeric ratios containing mystical properties and elements which benefit the mankind greatly. The fact is that talisman preparation is based on spiritual math, made by using several different ratios on the basis of alpha numerical calculations.

The talismans I prepare are a mixture of egyptian scriptures and calculations. This mix is very powerful and will change your life.

Talismans can be made on paper or cloth.

Talismans are of three different kinds.

A) Pre-made talismans can be used by all. These talismans are mainly used to provide a person with wealth, good luck, protection, love and fortune etc.

B) Pre-set talismans are used for various individualistic purposes and can be used by all. The concept of using these talismans is spiritual. I provide people with a specific prayer based on their requirement that has to be chanted while looking continuously at the specific corresponding talisman. Different preset talismans for different individualist goals and desires. This is exactly how talismans should be used and I highly recommend this procedure of using talismans. This practice is very effective and brings about maximum results.

C) Custom made talismans are made specially to fulfill your wishes almost instantly. I use the word instantly because they are made only for you and will work for you alone and none other as opposed to the preset and pre-made talismans which are to be used by everyone. These are made by the use of your name, your mother's name and your birth date. Custom made talismans are very powerful and extremely potent.
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