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Voodoo originated in Africa and is practiced around the world to great effect. It's a very strong source of magic.

Voodoo dolls are extremely effective and work fast. Below are the voodoo dolls that I offer.
Voodoo Doll for Love

You will have to provide me with your birth name and your lover's birth name to prepare the voodoo love doll. This love voodoo doll will bind your lover to you. He/she will be faithful and shall never ever cheat on you. There will be mutual love, care, affection and respect. Your partner will be yours forever.

The cost of this doll will be US $ 80

Money Voodoo Doll

I recommend the money doll to people who want to become extremely rich. You will attain the highest level of success after ordering this voodoo money doll. People find it hard to manage their wealth once I create and spiritually infuse the voodoo doll.

The cost of this voodoo doll will be US $ 80

Protection Voodoo Doll

The protection doll should be kept at home in a safe place. This doll will take care of you and will keep you away from black magic, witchcraft, mishaps and accidents. No bad or evil shall befall you once you have this doll. The protection voodoo doll will not only protect you but will also protect your family and home.

The cost will be US $ 80

Marriage Voodoo Doll

This marriage doll will make sure that you get married to the one you love. Your will experience unending love. There will be blind faith and no betrayal in your marriage. You will live a happy married life.

The cost US $ 80

Voodoo Doll for Success

The one who orders my voodoo success doll will prosper immensely in life. You will achieve all your goals without much effort. There will be no struggles and neither will you spend countless hectic working hours. This success voodoo doll will make you an example for people to follow.

The cost US $ 80

Revenge and Destruction Voodoo Doll

The destruction voodoo doll is extreme in nature. I will require the name of your enemy to prepare this doll. You will have to keep this doll next to the picture of your enemy. The sufferings of your enemy shall begin once the revenge doll is ordered. The impact this voodoo doll will have on your enemy cannot by expressed by words.

The cost will be US $ 80
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