Curses and spells for revenge against enemies will give you results when cast correctly.

Easy revenge spells that work without ingredients are trending for obvious reasons. Revenge is an emotion or a heated feeling that often gets converted into action immediately as per human tendency thus easy no ingredients revenge spells are most searched for.

If for personal reasons or previous past occurrences you decide to punish someone for his or her bad deeds then this is one of my best punishment spells. The one who has caused you harm will come under a dark spell for life. This darkness in other words will translate into tremendous bad luck, failures, misfortunes and downfalls.

I am giving away one of my most successful free easy revenge spells that really work.

Here are the usage instructions on casting this easy revenge spell.

Use this spell for one week and not a day more.

At sunset take a photograph of the person on whom you are to use this spell.


Focus on the picture and write this spell on it once.

Now, say the spell to a count of thirteen.

Next evening take that same photograph and write the spell on it under the previously written spell.

Say the spell to a count of thirteen.

Repeat the above spell casting procedure for the coming days till you complete the revenge spell casting.

On the seventh evening after completing the spell casting, preserve the picture in a place where no sunlight can reach it. My advise is to keep the picture in a book which you never open.

It's a very strong free easy revenge spell that can never be reversed.

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