In today's times when nothing comes for free is the exact time for me to show the world that there are some who are not only for money but have a sole intention to server humanity. My motive is plain and simple. There are magic spells on my website that are custom cast by me for which I charge a minimalistic fee but for people who cannot afford the fee so there is nothing to worry or fear. I have put up this page consisting of free magic spells. These are the most effective free magic spells that work like a dream. In due course of time I will be uploading more magical spells like free love spells, free protection spells, free money spells and more. Keep exploring my website. This is the one stop magic spells store.

People ask me many a times that do you offer free magic spells that really work? My answer is simple and easy to understand, the one who will cast my magic spells shall never fail.

To further emphasize on the effectiveness of magic spells and how important it is to cast the right kind of a free magic spell that suits your needs; I have divided spells into several categories for example magic spells for beginners, white magic spells, black magic spells etc. The reason to divide magic spells into categories is to make the users understand and select spells correctly.
Choosing the right magical spell is paramount to get one hundred percent results.

Spell casting rules are below.

1) One must memorize the magic spells before casting them.

2) One can use a digital clock or counter that can be preset to keep count during the spell casting.

If you want to know more or need assistance then send me a message here

One can contact me for my personalized custom spell casting services.

Let me start by talking about the most famous spells over the internet. Any guesses?

In my knowledge I have observed that most users ask for the below. The links below are clickable.

There is a lot more demand so what I have done is that I have given a link to each of the above and the link will then direct you to the main page where you can get the free love spell of choice and read about its magical spell casting procedure in details. I am trying my best to make free love spells that are easy to understand.

Most popular and effective money spells are below.

We all need money and the one who denies this fact is not being truthful. We have our families to look after and everyone wants to feed their families well and make them enjoy life. Coming back to the most demanded money spells.

Here is my list.

Click on the above money spell that interests you greatly and you will then be directed to its respective page.

Author's note - Spells for money are best and fast-acting.

I keep getting mails for lottery spells and how they work. Now, the catch with lottery and other winning games in which prize money is involved is that each country has a different lottery set-up and the games are many. The biggest challenge for me was to first find out all forms of lottery, lotto, bingo and winning games like horse racing etc that are existing all over the world which I did eventually. Once I gathered all the information so I was ready to prepare the magic spells accordingly. The spells I am stating here are especially designed to win lottery and all other games of money.

Here are my best winning spells.

These spells are always asked for and are globally popular spells.

Protection is often ignored or taken for granted only till bad befalls. People only come into action and order for protection spells once they fear something or someone or a threat is looming at large or they are already in some trouble or the other. My point is that why to wait for the last minute? If you are in trouble then cast one of the protection spells that I am stating here immediately and if you are fortunate enough to not be in any trouble or mess until now then cast one of these protection spells for assured protection. One can even cast protection spells for loved ones ensuring their safety and security.

Here is my list of the best free protection spells. Each of the below link is clickable.

Success is always directly and indirectly related with hard work. This is a landmark statement.
I have one question and by no means am differing with this statement which is a norm of a kind.
There are people who work hard and get good results for their hard work and then there are people who work even harder but don't get even half of what they deserve in return. Ever wondered why this happens? Let me reveal one fact here that more than half the world population falls in the latter half whereby there are more failures than successes in life no matter how hard one tries. Ever wondered why? We can discuss this fact of life later but coming back to my success spells here is a list of them that I am giving out.

The above mentioned spells are my best success spells for abundance and prosperity.

Circumstances lead a person to opt for revenge and destruction spells. There could be personal reasons, professional rivalries or grudges due to which people cast free revenge spells.
First things first - There are no negative effects or repercussions of casting these free destruction spells or curse spells. If you have been hurt or cheated by someone and feel that it's right to make the person suffer in return then you may do so by casting one of my hex spells and jinx spells.
We humans are taught to forget and forgive but if the grief caused to you by an enemy is unbearable then cast these magic spells.

Here is a list of my easy revenge spells.

Grant Wishes Spells - Free Wish Spells.

We all have wishes and hope they become our reality one day or the other. Some people have practical wishes that can be accomplished by hard work, whereas others have larger than life wishes that cannot be achieved just by hard work. Simply speaking wishes, dreams and ambitions can never be justified or defined, hence it was a huge task for me to make spells that cover all kinds of wishes and hopes that people have. I have managed to create such free wishing spells that are easy to cast.

Here is my list of grant a wish spells.

Beauty is one of the most important topics of discussion over the internet. People want to look good, be in perfect shape and in exchange spend heavily on fitness experts and machines. My study on this topic indicates to me that there are more unsatisfied people than satisfied ones. I have kept this study in mind while making these beauty spells. The free beauty spells that I am about to present cover all beauty related requests and issues. My beauty spells will really make you beautiful.

Here is my list of the best beauty spells that work for real.

Medical science has moved a long way forward which is progression and the best thing that has happened to mankind by far. Medicines cure people, sicknesses, viruses and deadly diseases but there are many incurable health conditions for which medicines have no answer and here is where my health spells come into action. I have made free health spells that will cure all types of sicknesses without any side effects or repercussions.

Here is my list of the best healing spells.

All my health spells are holistic healing spells that work for everyone.

Pregnancy - Fertility spells.

Here are some of my best pregnancy spells that can be cast by women to conceive and deliver safely at any age.
Men who suffer from erectile issues and infertility may cast my free fertility spells. My spells work for men of all ages.

Here are my best pregnancy and fertility spells.


I am not here to prove myself but it's good to share friendly testimonials for people to read and cast my free magic spells with absolute certainty. Have a read!!!
Prince Nwoke
It's an honor to write to you sir today for your kind help cause not many are offering free services like you do. Here is my story, I was in a terrible situation few months ago and feeding my family had become a challenge, I was living hand to mouth. I was fortunate enough to stumble upon your website and checked through you free job spells. I tried one as instructed and within a week I got a call unexpectedly from the same company who had rejected my resume a couple of weeks back. I was immediately hired to a high salaried post. Me and my family were surprised and it has restored my faith back in magic spells. My wife and kids pray for your happiness and long life sir. A big thank you from the nwoke family.

Sam Menyon
Very happy to share few lines, It's a letter of appreciation and goodwill. I thank God for creating few good people like you. My wife had left me for another man who was not a good man but my wife never came to terms with the reality. She left me sometime back and demanded a divorce to which I had agreed since I had no other options left. I had accepted my fate. A friend directed me to your website and it caught my eye immediately. I looked through your free love spells and decided to cast a love binding spell which suited my situation. I was not confident about the outcome but still gave this spell a try. In less than 3 days this love spell worked its magic to glory. My wife came back to me like never before, she apologized, gave me a hug and told me the man was not right and had many affairs in the past and ill-treated her. At that moment we both had tears of joy in our eyes and there was a bonding between us like never before. I don't know how this love spell works but it turned out to be a blessing for me.
Glory to holisticspells

Antonella Anthony
Here is an update from your follower. My stepdad was creating way too many obstructions in my love life. He had become a pain for me. I cast one of your revenge spells on him. First he was like an enemy to me and now is become my well-wisher. I never knew your spells are this effective and work so fast. Incredible!!!

Emmanuel Tony
Hi master, It's a great day for me. I am extremely overwhelmed to a point that I feel like going to a doctor and getting my pulse checked. I am not in my senses but am still sending you this message. Yesterday I tried a lottery spell you have on your portal and today I won the lottery prize money that is grand and good enough for me to live a luxurious life. God bless you master. I will come and visit you personally and show my appreciation. I can never thank you enough for your lottery spells.

Christine Carotine
I am a follower of you and learning your debt banishing spells. Over years I piled up huge debts and repaying never happened. I used a debt removal spell last Sunday with absolutely no hope. It's been just 72 hours and my ex-husband called me up today saying that he is ready to repay debts on my behalf and wants me back with him. This is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Merci.

Melody Williams
United States
Hello Mr. It's melody writing in to thank you for the free money spells. I got the opportunity to try one of your free spells and tell you what; I was surprised with the turn of events. Suddenly a family dispute case that was going on since ages ended in my favor and I was given complete possession of my mother's land by court. I wish I could weigh you in gold for this. Your easy money spells work. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

George Obeng
I greet you with warmth and on this day thank you for your efforts. I had issues with my girlfriend and her parents. Marriage was on the cards since many years but strangely things never worked out. There were too many complications to a point that I had given up hope. Last month my girl came to me and told me that she is serious about our relationship and her parents came later to fix our marriage date. I am to tie the knot this coming week. I don't know how this all has happened so quickly. Your love spells are real and I thank lord to have tried one of them. Is there anything I can do for you in return? Please don't hesitate to ask.

Abdul Rezai
You are providing very good services. I was cursed since a young boy. This curse had been a family curse that ruined my life or the better part of it but not anymore. I did your black magic and curse removal spell as instructed and all my bodily pains have eased out. I don't get scared and nervous anymore. I am able to concentrate on work and the phobias that plagued my whole life have vanished. You are the master of supreme magic. Thank you.

Good day sir. I am very happy to share this post. I cast your free grant wishes spell for a wish that was next to impossible. My wish is granted and I am delighted. Your spell has given me the greatest joy. I thank you for your grant a wish spell. Long live holistic spells.

Your beauty spells are quite amazing. I initially tried one out of fun and curiosity but the results are much serious than what I expected. I noticed my waist size dropped considerably this month and the skin is appearing fairer with a smooth glow. I never knew magical spells could be so effective. You are the master of your art. Blessings and love.
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