This page deals with success and good luck.

Success spells for wealth and superiority are in trend.

Success makes a person while lack of it breaks a person. Success is vital and of utmost importance to make it big in life.

Agreed that success comes to those who work hard for it but what about the ones who work very hard for it and in return don't even achieve half of the success they deserve?

The fact is that success is directly proportional to good luck. If your luck stars don't favor you then forget about success; it will never come to you until and unless you do something about it immediately.

If you want to experience unlimited success for a lifetime then here is one black magic success spell for you.

Here's how you will use this black magic success spell chant.

Use this spell for 7 days and not a day more.

Take a piece of bread and apply some sugar or jam on it.

Focus hard on the bread and say the spell followed by your name to a count of fifteen.


Take that bread out on an open land and put it away.

Return home without bothering to look back at the piece of bread.

Next day, take another piece of bread and repeat the above.

Carry on with the above spell casting procedure till you complete the 7 days.

Be prepared to experience and witness success like never before.

Free success spells are many but this one is the best of them all.

Author's note - It's best to cast this spell at night.

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