Revenge is an emotion that runs high. The reasons for revenge are different for each and every individual. Some seek revenge to settle personal grudges and some ask for revenge spells to avenge an occurrence or incident that had a significant impact on them. There are many reasons why people want my revenge spells but almost all require revenge spells without ingredients for ease of use.

Use black magic revenge spells to punish someone drastically.

This free black magic revenge spell is irreversible and hence make up your mind before using it.

Revenge spell chants are best for revenge and destruction thus I am giving away this revenge spell chant that really works from day one.

Here is the usage method.

Use this black magic revenge spell for seven evenings.

Take a picture of your enemy and paint it black completely. Let the paint dry for some time.

Write this chant on the picture with a red pen/marker.


After sunset, focus on the picture and say the revenge spell chant to a count of ninety.

You may store the picture in a drawer or book.

Next evening, say the spell chant to a count of ninety with full focus on that picture after which you will store the picture.

You must follow the above procedure for seven evenings.

With each passing day you will see the enemy struggle and face hardships without any logic or reasoning to an extent that he will completely surrender to fate. He shall be in a sorry state of affairs for life.

Free revenge spells for cheaters and enemies couldn't get any easier than this.

Make sure the picture never ever comes under direct sunlight for this revenge spell to work forever and hence I recommend keeping the picture in a book thus ensuring it's always in dark.

Author's note - The picture is to be painted and the spell has to be written on it only on the first day.

It's an ultimate black magic bad luck spell for enemy.

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