Many females send me requests for easy fertility spells that require little or no effort to cast.

Black magic spells for pregnancy give fast results and will make the impossible possible for you. Use my black magic pregnancy spells and get pregnant quickly.

I am giving away a black magic spell for pregnancy that works forever. Use this easy pregnancy spell only once in a lifetime.

Use this black magic easy pregnancy spell for six nights only without skipping a single night.

At night, take a bath and wear clean clothes.

Sit on a chair in front of a mirror and observe yourself well.

Close your eyes and say this easy fertility spell to a count of hundred.


Within days you will conceive and become pregnant. There is a strong possibility that you will become pregnant even before completing the six nights of spell casting. That's the power of this free black magic spell to conceive.

You can easily use my fertility spells for someone else. Let me teach you how to use this free easy fertility spell for a loved one.

Take a picture of your loved one for whom you are casting this fertility spell and stick it or place it on a mirror.

Sit on a chair in front of that mirror and observe the picture well for few minutes.

Close your eyes and say the easy fertility spell to a count of hundred.

As you can clearly read and understand that there is only a slight alteration when using this pregnancy spell for someone else.

It's a powerful black magic pregnancy spell that works fast.

Author's note - Easy pregnancy spells without ingredients work best and are most effective.

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