Let's talk about hurt spells, how they work and what they will do. Hurt spells are all in one spells that include the functions and workings of curse spells, hex spells, jinx spells, revenge spells and destructions spells. My hurt spells don't cause physical damage but will curse, hex and jinx your enemy bringing forth extreme downfall. There won't be any respite for the one on whom this hurt spell will be cast.

Free hurt spells or curse spells that work are hard to get for free. Spellcasters charge a hefty fee to cast such spells.

Want to know how to cast a spell on someone who hurt you? I will teach you how it's done and in the most effective way. I will guide you step by step on how to put a curse on someone.

Use this free hurt spell for three nights.

At midnight take a lime and split it into two halves.

Write this spell on a piece of paper followed by the name of your enemy or rival.


Fold the paper and place it in between the two pieces of that lime. Seal the lime with tape or glue.

Focus hard on the lime and say the curse spell to a count of thirteen.

Place this lime in a small glass jar and tightly close its lid.

Next night, take another lime and follow the above.

Third night repeat the same spell casting procedure.

Never ever open the jar after completing the spell casting on the third night if you want this free hurt spell to work on your enemy for a lifetime.

There are many spells to punish someone but this is one of my best extreme easy revenge spells.

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