I get many requests for real wish spells that work without materials and are easy to use.

I have decided to give away an angel wish spell that works for everyone.

It's an extremely powerful angel spell.

Angels and fairies are creations of God ordained to serve humanity by granting wishes. The one who calls upon them successfully shall get his or her wishes granted and I say this with complete authority.

Now, the question is how to call upon them?
There are many techniques our ancestors used effectively to call upon the angels and fairies for help.

I am giving away one such method or shall I say an angel spell to make a wish come true fast.

This angel spell is a secret prayer which is more of a plea directed towards the angel MAJMODAN.
She is one angel in the universe who will never ever say no to a legitimate wish of yours. Wishes are granted by her within seconds.

Here's how you will use this wishing spell.

Use this spell for one night only.

Go in the open under the moonlight and find a comfortable spot to sit where there is absolute silence.

Now, say the angel wish spell to a count of hundred while looking at the sky.


Try to focus on your wish when saying the spell.

This is an ultimate angel wish spell to make a wish come true overnight.

Use this magical spell to make an impossible wish come true fast.

Get instant wishes granted by the use of this free angel wish spell.

Author's note - One wish at a time and strictly limit the use of this wish spell to once a month.

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