Hex spells and curse spells fall into the category of extreme black magic revenge spells that must only be used on an enemy who has hurt you badly.

Free hex spells that work and curses or curse spells will hurt and punish your enemy to limits one can't even imagine.

If ever you want or are searching for spells to curse an enemy then look no further. This spell is one of my best curse spells that work.

I will teach you how to cast a spell on someone for revenge which is easy to do.

Follow the instructions and witness the downfall of your enemy.

Take a picture of an enemy and behind it write this hex spell thrice.


Take a lemon and write the hex spell on it thrice with black ink in such a way that the spell covers the lemon completely.

Place the picture firmly on a table and keep that lemon on it.

Say the spell to a count of thirteen.

Next day take the same picture but a new lemon and repeat the above spell casting.

Use the spell for seven nights.

On the seventh night you are free to tear apart the picture and throw it away.

Preserve all the seven lemons till they dry up completely and only then you may throw them away together at one go. It could take several days for the lemons to completely dry out which is fine.

Author's note - Write the revenge curse spell on the picture only on the first night of spell casting.

Use my free hexes and curses if you seriously want to see your enemy suffer for his wrongdoing.

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