Revenge Spells That Work - Destruction Spells

Destruction Spell

This spell is ordered to punish and destroy an enemy. The destruction spell is extreme in nature and will inflict pain on your enemy. The enemy will become miserable and shall never recover once this revenge and destruction spell is cast.

The cost US $ 80

Spell for Revenge

The revenge spell is extremely powerful and will teach your enemy a lesson that he/she shall never forget. The revenge spell will bring misery to your enemy. Your enemy will struggle both professionally and personally. He/she will become a complete failure in life.

The cost will be US $ 80

Hex Spell

Here is an extremely powerful spell that is ordered to make an enemy suffer forever.
His/her sufferings will become unbearable till the day comes when he/she will lose all hopes of recovering. The hex spell works forever and hence one must be absolutely sure before ordering it.

The cost US $ 80

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Stephanie Sara - CONGO
This evil person at my office named Linda is paying for the trouble she caused me few years back. My boss took her to task and she is now facing demotion. I am glad I ordered the hex spell.
Samuel Sow - CANADA
My landlord is a cheat who keeps demanding for more and more rent every month. I am sick and tired of him. Today he got fined heavily by the local authorities and was given a warning. I do hope that the revenge spell I ordered gets him into more trouble soon. It's a great day for me today.
Owosu Ngore - London
My one-time business partner who is now a foe came to me asking for help. He looked pathetic and miserable. Your destruction spell has worked. Wow!
Mombo Mardoche - Gabon
My rival has shut down business overnight and is leaving the city which means, I won't have any competitor in my area for a while. Thank you for your destruction spell.
Maxwell Josh - USA
My friend who took away my girlfriend has been trashed by her in public. She has promised to come back to me after exams. Your revenge spell works.
Kim Travis - USA
The colleague who was a thorn in my flesh has been kicked out of job this morning for lack of conduct. No one is perfect but the fact that she has been fired has pleased me immensely. The revenge spell is awesome.
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