The world in which we live has all kinds of people. Most people are kind-hearted and believe in doing good deeds as opposed to a few who want to hurt and harm others. Good people are rewarded by the almighty whereas the ones who cause distress to others face karma.

If you want to know more about karma and how it works then send a mail and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

It's best to forgive someone who has caused harm or cheated you in the past. The practice of forgiving and forgetting will make you a better person and I say this from personal experience but if you think otherwise and want to take revenge then continue reading.

My revenge spells are extreme in nature that can never be reversed once cast and hence be absolutely sure before ordering.

The revenge spell I have at offer will inflict tremendous misery on your enemy. He or she will regret treating you wrongly.

If you want to order for my personalized revenge spell casting service then send me a mail with your birth name, birth date and the complete name of your enemy. I would also want to know all that your enemy has done to you and the reasons for which you want to take revenge. These details are required for me to work accordingly and effectively.

All order enquiries should be sent here holisticspells@gmail.com

A revenge destruction talisman is created and shipped to the client on completion of the spell casting.

Author's note - The revenge spell is extremely powerful and works forever.

Price US $ 80

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