Free health spells and chants or get well spells are holistic healing good health spells.
I get many questions regarding health chants and how they function. I am answering to all queries on this page.

My free get well spells cure all kinds of sicknesses and diseases.

I am giving away a free get well spell that can be used on yourself as well as others.

Here is the usage procedure to cast this healing spell on yourself.

Use my free health spell daily in the morning and live a happy healthy life.

Take a shower and wear clean white clothes.

Sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Say the healing health spell chant to a count of hundred.

You may open your eyes on completion of the spell casting.

Usage procedure to cast this get well spell on someone else.

The person for whom you are casting this health spell should take a bath and wear clean white clothes.

He or she must be seated comfortably.

Sit in front of him/her, place your right hand gently on his/her head and say the healing spell chant to a count of hundred with your eyes closed.

Use this free health spell daily on your loved ones for them to lead a healthy life.

Here is the healing chant.


Within a week all incurable sicknesses and diseases will get cured leaving the body cleansed, rejuvenated and protected.

Author's note - This spell will cleanse your soul and aura. It's a complete holistic approach that I use and promote.

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