Before I begin, I want all of you to know that more than half the world's population neglects health and holistic practices. This is a serious issue. Many people write to me saying that their lifestyles don't give them enough time to look after themselves.

Keeping the above paragraph in mind, I have created a series of free self-healing spells and healing spells for others.

Use my powerful healing spells to heal yourself and others.

Here is your all in one healing spell chant that will cure any and all health issues, conditions, ailments and incurable sicknesses.

Use this healing spell for one week.

The usage procedure to heal yourself is simple.

At sunrise stand in front of a full-sized mirror and say the healing spell to a count of hundred. I want you to maintain full focus on your body while saying the spell.

Cast this healing health spell with faith and within a week you will regain perfect health.

Here is the usage procedure of this healing spell to heal someone else within a week.

At sunrise stand in front of the person whom you want to heal and say the healing spell to a count of hundred while maintaining complete focus on that ailing person's body.


Author's note - You or the person on whom you cast this free healing health spell shall become perfectly healthy within days. This free holistic healing spell is the ultimate cure for all deadly diseases, viruses and incurable sicknesses.

One can send me a request to custom cast this spell. All requests and questions can be sent to me here holisticspells@gmail.com

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