Easy genie spells are extremely powerful wish spells.

I wish to first talk about genies and their existence.

Genies are invisible forces that are supreme creations of the Almighty. They are created from fire and posses powers that one cannot even imagine. A person who invokes a genie successfully will become one of the most powerful personalities in the world.

Coming back to my genie wish spells and how they work.

Genie wish spell won't make a genie appear physically but a nearby genie will become duty-bound to grant your wish.

Here is a free genie grants wishes spell that works. Strictly limit the use of this spell to once a month. I am saying this very clearly.

It's a one night genie wish spell.

So we need a medium sized bowl full of milk to be placed in a corner of the room where you are to cast this genie spell. Only use milk and no other liquid.

Close your eyes and imagine the wish while saying the genie spell to a count of hundred.
Use beads or a counter to keep count.


Let the bowl with milk stay in that very same corner till the next morning and then you may dispose of the milk.

Your wish will be granted before you put the milk away.

It's the best and most effective grant a wish spell that works.

You may cast this genie wish spell once a month.

If you have any questions regarding this genie spell then send them here holisticspells@gmail.com

Author's note - Use this genie wish spell for one wish at a time.
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