God has created all living beings and the most powerful of them all are genies. Jinns or genies are beyond the realms of understanding. They possess great power, strength and live for thousands of years. Genies live and breathe just like us in a world parallel to ours. You'd be surprised to know that they even marry amongst themselves and reproduce just like we humans do.

Genies do not have free will and are created to serve humans. We cannot see them but they can see us and understand us very well. If you want to summon a genie then you have come to the right place.

People often ask me questions about genies out of curiosity and that's fine with me. If you have any questions or need general advice then feel free to contact me here holisticspells@gmail.com

The genie invocation formula that I have at offer will open the gates for a genie to enter the realms of the seen from unseen. This formula will bring a genie under your total control and he will start taking your commands immediately. All your wishes and desires will be fulfilled within seconds.

If you want to order for my genie invocation formula then send me a mail with your birth name and birth date. I need these details to create the formula accordingly.

You get an option to choose between a male genie and a female genie. Both are equally powerful and work extraordinarily well.

All order requests are to be sent here holisticspells@gmail.com

My genie invocation formula is shipped with a special talisman to invoke the genie.

Author's note - The genie will be under your command forever.

Price US $ 150
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