I am asked many times about death spells and how they work.

Some ask me for spells to make someone sick while others want to know more about voodoo death spells and powerful death spell chants.

So the question that comes to mind is that do death spells work?
Life and death of a person is only in the hands of God. No death spell can do that. The answer is simple and straight.

What are death spells and what purpose they solve?
Death spells fall into the category of extreme black magic spells and are a mix of hurt spells, curse spells, destruction spells and revenge spells to do permanent damage.

I don't create death spells and hence I am giving away an extreme free black magic destruction spell that's easy to use.

You will need a personal item, belonging or something used by the person on whom you are about to cast this curse spell. Personal item could be any for example a handkerchief, shirt, pen or book etc.

Use this spell for five days.


In the evening, focus hard on the item and say the spell to a count of thirteen.

Store that personal item in a safe place at home forever on completion of the fifth day of spell casting.

Don't ever repeat this hex spell after five days. It works for a lifetime.

The person on whom you cast this spell will face serious distress, discomfort, setbacks and downfalls that shall never end.

It's an all in one extreme black magic curse spell.

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