Cast magic spells for enemies at work and reign supreme over them now and forever.

I want to first talk about destruction spells and the ways in which they bring destruction to others. Many people cast destruction spells without even knowing how destruction will befall on the targeted person or enemy. It's my job to enlighten you before giving away spells to destroy enemies.

The one on whom you will cast this free destruction spell shall face wrath and total destruction leading towards a ruined life. There will be no respite and he will feel as if the world has turned against him. He will be left with no option but to surrender and accept his fate.

Kindly think twice before using this extreme black magic revenge spell on someone because it will have a drastic impact on that person's life. If you want to use this destruction spell then here it is with the usage procedure.

Use this spell for nine nights.


Take a small glass jar or container.

Hold 3 small pebbles in your left hand; focus on them and say the spell to a count of three followed by the name of the man only once on whom you are casting this spell. The spell and the name should be said in a flow like a one complete sentence.

Keep those three pebbles in a jar and close the lid tightly.

Next night, take another set of 3 pebbles and repeat the above magic spell casting.

Continue with the above destruction spell casting procedure for nine nights.

On the ninth night you will have 27 pebbles in your jar/container.
Now, hold that jar in both your hands and say the spell to a count of three with complete focus on the jar. Make note that this time you will only say the spell without taking the name of your targeted person.

It's one of my best easy revenge spells for ultimate destruction.

Author's note - Cast magic spells for revenge and destruction only if you want to destroy your enemy completely.

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