Genies or jinns or djinns are extremely powerful. They are supreme beings that can make anything possible within seconds.

I have spent years researching on many paranormal subjects and their existence but genies have intrigued me the most. It takes effort to invoke a genie but if you are ready for it then nothing like it.

Now, let's talk about my genie wish spells that work overnight. These spells are guaranteed to work when cast as instructed by me.

Genie spells are simple to use and don't take any effort.

I am giving away a very powerful wish spell.

Here is the method of use.

Use this genie real wish spell for one night.

At midnight, take a shower and wear clean white clothes.

Sit in the corner of a room with your legs folded.

Take a loaf of bread and keep it In front of you.

Close your eyes and say this real genie wish spell to a count of hundred.


It's important to imagine your wish at the time of chanting the wish spell.

Open your eyes and observe that loaf of bread for five minutes.

Take the loaf outside your home and put it away on an empty open land.

Return home without talking to anyone.

Within few minutes your wish will get granted.

Author's note - Cast this spell for one wish at a time and strictly limit the use of this free genie wish spell to once a month.

Real genie spells have the power to make a genie work for you and grant your wishes without being invoked. This is an ultimate free grant a wish spell.

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