Free breakup spells that work immediately are asked for by many. People who ask for instant break up spells want immediate results.

Voodoo is the best practice for instant results. Free voodoo spells to break up a couple are extremely effective and work within less than 24 hours.

I have done a lot of research over the years to make my voodoo break up spells the best and most effective.

Here is a powerful free break up spell to end a relationship or break a couple.

I have enhanced this free african voodoo doll spell by combining it with a black magic chant.

Here's how you will use this free voodoo break up spell.

You need not buy a voodoo doll from the market to cast this spell. You can make it by yourself and there is no rocket science involved in it.

Stitch a voodoo doll in black cloth by making use of cotton or wool.

Write these words in red ink on the doll vertically in a way that the length of the doll is covered by these words.





Write these words in the exact sequence as above and there you have it. Your voodoo doll is ready. These words are extracts from the hidden voodoo and black magic books that make this voodoo doll super effective.

Behind the doll write the name of a couple for whom you are using this free break up spell.
The man's name first and under it the name of the lady.

Use this break up spell for one evening and not more.

At night take the voodoo doll in your right hand.

Focus on the front side of the doll and say the voodoo spell chant to a count of three hundred.


Now, turn the doll and say the voodoo break up spell chant to a count of three hundred with full focus on the couple's name.

In total you will be saying the spell to a count of six hundred. Be precise with your counts.

This marks the completion of this african voodoo doll spell. Keep the voodoo doll with you at home till you get the break up news of the targeted couple on whom you have used this spell.

Within hours you will get the break up news.

My free breakup spells are famously known as permanent breakup spells which can never be reversed or broken.

Author's note - This african voodoo break up spell is extremely powerful. Use it responsibly.

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