Here are some common questions I get frequently regarding spells to get back your ex.

Are there any simple spells to bring back a lover?

Can you cast a love spell to bring back ex boyfriend?

How to cast a love spell on my ex?

Kindly suggest love spells to bring him back?

I present to you a get back together spell, keeping all the above queries in mind.

I know it's predominantly a male society in which we all live and hence I want to make one thing absolutely clear. This love spell to get your ex back can be cast by both the genders and its use is not limited to a single gender or class.

Here is the casting procedure.

Cast this love spell for nine nights.

At bedtime take a picture of your ex and hold it in your hands firmly.

Focus on the picture and say the spell to a count of hundred.


Keep the picture underneath your pillow and go to sleep.

Follow the above spell casting procedure for nine nights.

Note - The picture of your ex should be kept underneath the pillow all throughout the nine spell casting days and nights. The only time you will remove the picture from under the pillow is when casting the spell.

Use this spell to bring back a lover if your relationship has ended or worsened to extreme limits.

I assure you that this love spell will get your love life back on track.

This is one of my best love spells to get back ex now.

If you have any questions regarding this magical spell then send them to me. All questions can be sent here holisticspells@gmail.com

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