Spells to curse an enemy can be confusing and hard to use. Most curse spells require advanced techniques. Keeping this in mind I have created easy spells to curse an enemy.

Ever wanted information on how to curse someone with black magic? I will teach you how to cast a spell on someone for revenge quickly, easily and effectively.

I am talking about real curses, hence be sure before casting curse spells.

The one on whom you cast my curse spells will be completely cursed and jinxed for life.

If you want to curse someone with immediate effect then you are free to use this curse spell.

Curse spells with pictures are best and most effective.

Here is the exact procedure on how to curse someone with a picture.

Use this free curse spell for six nights and not a night more.

At midnight, take a picture of the individual on whom you are to cast this spell.

Write this curse spell with black ink behind the picture.


Hold the picture in your left hand and with full focus say the spell to a count of nineteen.

Repeat the same procedure for the coming five nights.

On the seventh night you are free to tear apart the picture and throw it away.

Author's note - Write the curse spell on the picture only on the first night of spell casting.

Curses that work instantly give best results when used during the time and period of full moon. Full moon falls on different dates around the world. Full moon dates can be found easily with the help of a lunar calendar.

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