I have said this on numerous occasions that money is a necessity of life.

If you are only interested in acquiring money and making quick money then I suggest you to read this page with great interest.

Money spells with candles are extreme money spells. I have created a series of free money spells with candles that work fast and effectively.

I wish to inform my readers that the color of the candles matter and play an important role in casting money spells with candles.

There are primarily two color candles used in casting money spells with candles.

Money spells with white candles and green candles.

Money spells with green candles work best and I am presenting one such powerful money spell that every person can benefit from.

Here is the usage procedure.

Use this money spell for 4 days in the morning.

On the first day take a small green candle and write the prayer on it.

Here is your green candle money prayer.


Keep the candle in a candle holder and burn the candle completely.

You may throw away the wax remains.

Second day take another candle and repeat the above.

Third and fourth day repeat the same.

On the fourth day after the candle burns out completely say the spell/prayer to a count of hundred.

This completes the money spell casting with candles.

There are many money spells with candles but this one is the best and most effective.

Use this candle money spell without any modifications and experience green candle magic like never before.

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