I am about to show you how to put a spell on someone who hurts you or has hurt you real bad.

Black magic spells to harm someone are very powerful and do permanent damage.

Revenge magic spells are extreme black magic spells that will destroy the person on whom this spell is cast. It's an irreversible spell which means once cast then cannot be reversed.

Here is one enemy destruction spell that will take your enemy for a ride like never before.
If you want to take revenge on someone who has done bad or caused harm to you or your family then this spell is just for you to use.

Your enemy will never ever recover once this spell is cast.

Here's how to use this free black magic revenge spell.

Use this revenge spell for six evenings.

After sunset say this revenge spell chant with your eyes closed to a count of hundred.
Use beads or a counter to keep count. It's important to maintain an exact count to a hundred for results.


I want you to imagine the enemy at the time of chanting this revenge spell. It's so important.
For best results make certain you focus hard and your mind does not ponder even for a second.

Your enemy will come down and stay down there forever. No force, prayer or chant can reverse this free revenge spell.

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