I have many free protection spells that work fast but this spell is one of my best protection spells from enemies and negative people.

Jealous people without your knowledge will try to plant negative thoughts, ideas, patterns and disbelief in your mind. They could do anything just to create obstructions in your path to success and progress. Jealous people live with such a negative approach towards life; they at no cost will want to see you happy in life. God save us all from such mischief mongers.

If you sense that there could be some type of negativity surrounding you that often comes between you and success knowingly or unknowingly then continue reading. It's time to break the shackles now.

Use this free simple protection spell every day without fail.

Here is the usage method.

Take a piece of paper and write your name on it.

Focus on your name and say the spell to a count of hundred.


Fold the paper and keep it in your pocket.

Next day, remove the same paper and say the spell as instructed above.

Kindly do not miss out on a single day and use this simple protection spell daily.

This free simple protection spell will remove and eradicate all negativity and jealousy around you.

You will be protected and shall experience success and prosperity for life.

This is my best protection spell against negative people, negativity and jealousy.

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